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Banking for Apparel Brands

Manage your global banking needs, including corporate cards, accounts, teams, payments, FX,  and more - all from a single platform.

Loop’s product appealed to us because they offered a card that allowed us to spend in either Canadian or US dollars without FX fees

Karine Corbeil

Director of Finance
Ciele Athletics
Piggy bank with american coin

Run your Global Athletic Business with a Bank Partner that can keep up! 🏃

Get Paid or Make Payments in Any Currency

When you pay for goods or services in another currency, Loop automatically pays in that currency - so you don't get hit with fees. This is significantly better than cards that promote "low FX fees" because with Loop you don't need to convert money at all! You can currently hold balances on Loop Card in the following currencies:

CDN coin


usd coin


gb pound coin


euro coin


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Multi-currency Corporate Card

Spend in four currencies with one card. Unlock real purchasing power with credit limits that scale with you.

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Team Management

No need to share cards anymore! Enable Global  Spending by providing team members with virtual and physical cards

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Better Expense Management

Make Expense Management Easy with Loop’s Automatic Receipt Capture Tool and Accounting Integrations

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Global Payments

Save time and money by sending money to your suppliers around the world with global payments built into your Loop account.

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Scalable Capital

Access long-term credit in CAD or USD that’s based on recent business performance so you can grow faster.

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Save on FX

Get the most out of your international transactions and save on foreign exchange fees compared to traditional banking methods.

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